New game version and game rename

And… I’m still alive! This year wasn’t going smooth, but things seems better now and I have more time to continue game. So I made a new release 🙂

Windows/Linux version
Mac version

It’s basically a prototype, with the game intro story and the base game structure. By now each place only have 3 random scenes, just to confirm that the event system is working.

Another change is the new name. Since “highschool” is related to underage students (which is not the case in this game, the plot explains that), I thought it would be better to just call it “school“, just to avoid any misunderstanding. So the game is now called Yet Another Hentai School 🙂

Now the development will probably get harder. I’ll need to create a lot of custom python code to handle the calendar, the stats, the buildings, school rules and so on. I’ll probably need to change the DSE engine too, since it work with some hacks, but since it’s working fine for now I’ll leave this for later.

That’s a lot of things, but I hope I’ll be able to mix those codes with new events so I can release another version soon 🙂

(or earlier than 9 months, like before…)

The latest update from the year!

Damn, the initial plan was to write here at least each week, then I’ve turned around and 3 months had gone by. But instead of talking about how life can be crazy let’s see how things are going before I get drunk enough in the new year’s party! 😛

Planning menu

This is were most of the action will happen. You’ll be able to see your and your school stats, adjust your budget, PTA resolutions and select were in the school you’ll be checking in the day.

Julia, your secretary

Julia will be your secretary and will help you getting used to the school and the game controls. She is not as cheerful as in this screenshot, since int he beginning she is not sure about your “methods“, but if you do a good job she’ll open a little more (but without sex, since she haven’t any CG in her game ?)

Julia sprites

And another thing that got me some time was renaming all sprite filenames to match Ren’Py logic. But in the end it got really nice and I can’t forget about it for now (or until I add another character in the game). Luyckly I haven’t edited all them by hand, I’ve used some crazy commands like that to rename them:

for f in *1b.png; do echo mv "$f" "${f/1b/ casual}"; done

(Yeah, pretty useful but take me a while to understand WTF it was doing)

The road ahead

The next steps is to finish the game intro with Julia, create the base game tutorial and start creating the basic scenes for the default places you can access in the school. Then I can release another version and start getting feedback.

Happy new year and until next time! ?

Content scavenging

Well, I’m still working on the game and of course it wouldn’t be as easy as I had expected. But I’m enjoining the work so far, it’s nice to develop something by myself outside work 😛

I’ve installed the DSE engine to handle all the events and was tinkering with it to see what I can do with the base code. I’ll need to change some things in the future, but I’ll leave it for when I’ll really need it in the gameplay. In the meantime, I’ve checked the potential image folder for the game and:

I know that I’ve been gathering images for the game even before I’ve started coding, but how I got 3k+ images? I’m really surprised here, I thought that I’d have just a few hundred.

At least, when the DSE is nicely configured, I hope to start dumping content in a faster speed, since I have all those resources 🙂

First small demo!

Phew! This release was done a week ago, but I couldn’t get enough time to properly upload and write about it. But at least we are here, with the first demo for the game.

Windows version
Mac version

Truth be told, it’s a really small release, it should take less than 5 minutes to play, but I hope the sex scene at the end to be a nice one. This is only the prologue, the “real game” will start right after that. Or no. There’ll probably be another release with the school introduction before the management part start, because creating the screens and controls would take a good time, but it’s talk for a future post! 😉

For now, let’s go back to searching some nice sprites for the school staff 🙂

Putting all together, bit by bit

Last week was a slow one. Real life is hard, time is spare, yadda yadda you read about it a million time in other h-dev blogs, so let’s get to the point here 😛

Even without the time I wanted to spend on the game, at least we got a first screen! 😀

That background sure got me some headache to make it work :’D

Wait, but you said it was a highschool game!
Will it just start at the beach episode?

Well, not exactly, it’s just the prologue for the story. Even as the main character is the player and have as little personality as needed, I’ve decided to put a prologue to add a little background to the game. You already start as an already successful school principal in his mid-thirties, and are ready to start another challenge. It’ll also feature a h-scene to show how you things “worked” on your previous school.

I hope it end getting just better than the “You’re the school principal, start banging the students LOL” or the lengthy “You was fired for being a pervert on your previous school and now you received a strange letter asking you to fuck students in another whatever school”. I’m far from getting a nice H-game introduction as defined by T51b in his series on LewdGamer, but I promise I’ll try hard 🙂

A lot of work and a simple screen

This week I’ve got about 6~7 hours working with Ren’Py, and all that time tinkering with it I’ve just created the main screen from the game:

I’m pretty sure that this image is the ultimate proof that I’m a terrible designer. I can improve that later (maybe something more cheerful?), but that will do for the time being.

Six hours seems to be a lot of time for just a screen, but I’ve used that time to get used to the Screen Language that Ren’Py uses. It’s quite different from a website structure, so it was good to spend some time tinkering with the visual structure. And that knowledge will surely be tested on the daily planner screen (where you define the places and actions you’ll do for that day)


First Project: YAHH! Yet Another Hentai Highscool!

So here I am with my first project. It’s called “Yet Another Hentai Highschool”, and this is the tentative logo:

If you are wondering about the name, Yet Another is a name used as a programming joke when you are creating something confessedly unoriginal.

And I’m 100% sure that this idea is 0% original.

But if you don’t know what I’m talking about, “Hentai Highschool” is an old game where you are a school principal and your objective is to corrupt the school and transform it in a den of debauchery. There was a lot of clones, some are still alive and in development, and you can check for more information on this forum.

I’ve choose this kind of game because some reasons:

1 – Ren’Py as default engine

Ren’Py is a Visual Novel engine that always caught my attention. It’s in active development for years, is 100% free, has a huge community and offers a nice boilerplate for a quick initial development. No need to worry about menu, save screens, dialogue text boxes, etc…

And there’s the fact that I know Python on an intermediate level, so I can mess with the code without exploding it too much XD

2 – Images and sprites

Since the game involves a lot of random events, it’s easy to just grab some eroge CGs images and glue them together to get something somewhat consistent. It’s far from perfect, and I know that using copyrighted images is something that can became quite problematic, but since it’s a non-commercial game with the objective for study/training, I’m comfortable to stick with it for the time being.

3 – Small stories

Writing a lots small events and use some of them to connect into a bigger story seems for me a better approach rather than writing a big story with a lot of  characters with unique personalities. As I develop my writing skills and get more confidence, I can easily insert bigger stories inside the game.

So this is the plan that I have. The next two steps is to start gathering images (I’ve got some already) and start the coding part. I’ll probably alternate between those two, working in the code when I have more spare time and gather images when time is limited. I’m not sure when I’ll have something nice to post here, but I hope to make another post this week. Until then! o/

Hello world!

Well, every blog needs a first post, so here we are!

My name is Leo and this site is the place where I plan to place the games I create and blog about the journey that is developing them. I’m a programmer and English is not my first language (feel free to correct me if needed!), so it’ll be quite a challenge to handle the design and story parts, but if we never try we’ll never know, right? 😛

Although I’ve been programming on a daily basis for years, I was never interested in developing a game, but since I found some hentai games and got deeper in this niche, it was hard to find a game that had all the kinks and ideas I thought that was good to see in some games, which lead me to start thinking about my perfect game.

Obviously that game won’t be my first game, since I need to learn a lot, but I hope to get there eventually. I’ll post about my ideas for a first game in the next post, stay tuned! ;D