Content scavenging

Well, I’m still working on the game and of course it wouldn’t be as easy as I had expected. But I’m enjoining the work so far, it’s nice to develop something by myself outside work 😛

I’ve installed the DSE engine to handle all the events and was tinkering with it to see what I can do with the base code. I’ll need to change some things in the future, but I’ll leave it for when I’ll really need it in the gameplay. In the meantime, I’ve checked the potential image folder for the game and:

I know that I’ve been gathering images for the game even before I’ve started coding, but how I got 3k+ images? I’m really surprised here, I thought that I’d have just a few hundred.

At least, when the DSE is nicely configured, I hope to start dumping content in a faster speed, since I have all those resources 🙂

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