Hello world!

Well, every blog needs a first post, so here we are!

My name is Leo and this site is the place where I plan to place the games I create and blog about the journey that is developing them. I’m a programmer and English is not my first language (feel free to correct me if needed!), so it’ll be quite a challenge to handle the design and story parts, but if we never try we’ll never know, right? 😛

Although I’ve been programming on a daily basis for years, I was never interested in developing a game, but since I found some hentai games and got deeper in this niche, it was hard to find a game that had all the kinks and ideas I thought that was good to see in some games, which lead me to start thinking about my perfect game.

Obviously that game won’t be my first game, since I need to learn a lot, but I hope to get there eventually. I’ll post about my ideas for a first game in the next post, stay tuned! ;D

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