New game version and game rename

And… I’m still alive! This year wasn’t going smooth, but things seems better now and I have more time to continue game. So I made a new release 🙂

Windows/Linux version
Mac version

It’s basically a prototype, with the game intro story and the base game structure. By now each place only have 3 random scenes, just to confirm that the event system is working.

Another change is the new name. Since “highschool” is related to underage students (which is not the case in this game, the plot explains that), I thought it would be better to just call it “school“, just to avoid any misunderstanding. So the game is now called Yet Another Hentai School 🙂

Now the development will probably get harder. I’ll need to create a lot of custom python code to handle the calendar, the stats, the buildings, school rules and so on. I’ll probably need to change the DSE engine too, since it work with some hacks, but since it’s working fine for now I’ll leave this for later.

That’s a lot of things, but I hope I’ll be able to mix those codes with new events so I can release another version soon 🙂

(or earlier than 9 months, like before…)

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