Putting all together, bit by bit

Last week was a slow one. Real life is hard, time is spare, yadda yadda you read about it a million time in other h-dev blogs, so let’s get to the point here πŸ˜›

Even without the time I wanted to spend on the game, at least we got a first screen! πŸ˜€

That background sure got me some headache to make it work :’D

Wait, but you said it was a highschool game!
Will it just start at the beach episode?

Well, not exactly, it’s just the prologue for the story. Even as the main character is the player and have as little personality as needed, I’ve decided to put a prologue to add a little background to the game. You already start as an already successful school principal in his mid-thirties, and are ready to start another challenge. It’ll also feature a h-scene to show how you things “worked” on your previous school.

I hope it end getting just better than theΒ “You’re the school principal, start banging the students LOL” or the lengthy “You was fired for being a pervert on your previous school and now you received a strange letter asking you to fuck students in another whatever school”. I’m far from getting a nice H-game introduction as defined by T51b in his series on LewdGamer, but I promise I’ll try hard πŸ™‚

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