The latest update from the year!

Damn, the initial plan was to write here at least each week, then I’ve turned around and 3 months had gone by. But instead of talking about how life can be crazy let’s see how things are going before I get drunk enough in the new year’s party! 😛

Planning menu

This is were most of the action will happen. You’ll be able to see your and your school stats, adjust your budget, PTA resolutions and select were in the school you’ll be checking in the day.

Julia, your secretary

Julia will be your secretary and will help you getting used to the school and the game controls. She is not as cheerful as in this screenshot, since int he beginning she is not sure about your “methods“, but if you do a good job she’ll open a little more (but without sex, since she haven’t any CG in her game ?)

Julia sprites

And another thing that got me some time was renaming all sprite filenames to match Ren’Py logic. But in the end it got really nice and I can’t forget about it for now (or until I add another character in the game). Luyckly I haven’t edited all them by hand, I’ve used some crazy commands like that to rename them:

for f in *1b.png; do echo mv "$f" "${f/1b/ casual}"; done

(Yeah, pretty useful but take me a while to understand WTF it was doing)

The road ahead

The next steps is to finish the game intro with Julia, create the base game tutorial and start creating the basic scenes for the default places you can access in the school. Then I can release another version and start getting feedback.

Happy new year and until next time! ?